All spring I have found myself "stuck" artistically.  I miss not being in Joel's drawing group and was feeling a bit of ennui about contemporary art I was seeing.  I returned to Bernini's clay sketches of Angels at Harvard Art Museum and forced myself to draw and redo exercises I have been taught over the years by various teachers.  Then a week ago Sally Casper and I started doing collage at Turtle studio and I chose to use a large reproduction of Breugel's Fallen Angels painting as a starting point for my composition.  I had to have an imaginary "teacher" on my shoulder telling me to stick to large blocks of color and to not get fussy or tight.   Interestingly my collage bag has the remnants of many old golden books that I have used over the years for collage.  I have a love affair with the palette of old golden books and have often used them in my collage work.  Somehow the children's book fairy tale theme and palette made their way into these collages.